Best Motivational Movie : Swatantrya Veer Savarkar

Best Motivational Movie : SWATANTRA VEER SAVARKAR


About The Movie – SWATANTRA VEER SAVARKAR is an upcoming Hindi language historical biographical best motivational movie . It is based on the real life story of VINAYAK DAMODAR SAVARKAR . The film is directed by RANDEEP HOODA and produced by Sam Khan , RANDEEP HOODA , Anand Pandit , Yogesh and Sandeep Singh  . The film id scheduled to be released on 22 March 2024 in cinemas .

Movie’s Plot – In this movie you’ll get to know about India’s one of the most prominent and unsung Indian freedom fighter and reformer VINAYAK DAMODAR SAVARKAR , who founded the secret society Abhinav Bharat Society . One of the disciples of SHYAMJI KRISHNA VARMA , who founded the India House .

Why to watch this movie – This movie show’s the life journey of Vinayak Savarkar , from when he was young to when he fought foe the India’s freedom . The film also show’s the ideas and struggle of Savarkar that he has faced throughout his entire life and RANDEEP HOODA played the character of Savarkar very well and make’s us feel like we are living in the past . The film looks very real and HOODA make’s Savarkar character feel’s alive .

If you want to know more about , who was Savarkar and what was his contribution towards the Nation and how he fought for India’s freedom and if you need motivation in your life and want to do something different in your life and if you want to contribute and willing to do something towards your nation then it is a best motivational movie for you to watch .

Best Motivational Movie

Movie’s Production – The film is produced by RANDEEP HOODA , Sam Khan , Anand Pandit , Yogesh and Sandeep Singh . The film was earlier planned to be directed by Mahesh Manjrekar , but later RANDEEP HOODA took over the directory of the film from Mahesh Manjrekar , who quits the project of this one of the best motivational movie , by giving the reason of having differences with RANDEEP HOODA , over the script of the film and the inclusion of many irrelevant historical figures and events in the movie .

Movie’s Music – The music in the film was composed by ANU MALIK , Vipin Patwa and by SAMBATA , while the background score of the music is composed by MATHIAS DUPLESSY and Sandesh Shandilya .

Movie’s Cast – RANDEEP HOODA as VINAYAK DAMODAR SAVARKAR , ANKITA LOKHANDE as Yamuna bai Savarkar , AMIT SIAL as GANESH DAMODAR SAVARKAR , Rakesh Chaturvedi as Mahatma Gandhi and Lokesh Mittal as B . R . Ambedkar .

Best Motivational Movie

Movie’s Release – This Hindi language and historical biographical and on of the best motivational movie is all set to be released in cinemas on 22 March 2024 , in Hindi , along with a dubbed version in Marathi .

Movie’s Budget – There is no right information about SWATANTRA VEER SAVARKAR’S budget , but according to data available on the internet , the film is estimated to be made on a budget of 1.50 crores .

Movie’s Rating – IMDB has given this one of the best motivational movie a rating of 8.2 out of 10 and the users has given it a rating of 3.7 out of 5 .

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