Best Action Movie : Pushpa 2 : The Rule

Best Action Movie : Pushpa 2 : The Rule


About The Movie – Pushpa 2 : The Rise is an upcoming Indian Telugu language one of the best action drama movie . The film is directed by SUKUMAR and the story of the film is written by Srikanth Visa and SUKUMAR and the film was produced by MYTHRI Movie Makers and jointly with SUKUMAR Writings .

The film stars Allu Arjun un the lead role alongside with Fahad Fasil and RASHMIKA MANDANNA reprising their roles from the first part of the film series and it is the second installment of the Pushpa film series and the sequel to Pushpa : The Rise .

Movie’s Plot – In the first installment of the Pushpa series , Pushpa : The Rise , the film tells the story of a daily wage worker Pushpa’s rise in the underworld of illegal red sandalwood business and how he establish himself as one of the most powerful and a well known player in the world of this illegal business .

Now in the second installment we will going to see that how Pushpa will going to rule the entire underworld of red sandalwood illegal business as the leading syndicate of this business . In the second installment we will also going to see the battles of Pushpa with his old and some new rivals .

Best Action Movie

Why To This Movie – The film portrays the story of survival and dominance and it explores the journey of a red sandalwood smuggler with a disturbing past . If you are a fan of south action films and if you love to watch Allu Arjun , then Pushpa 2 : The Rule is one of the bet action movie for you to watch .

Movie’s Production – Before the release of the Pushpa : The Rise in 2021 , the makers of the film confirmed that the movie will going to be released in two parts , with the first part of the film series to be released in the same year , whereas the second part was decided to be released after the year of 2022 .

The 10% shoot of the second part was shot with the first part , however , the director of the film decided to make some changes in the script in order to fulfill the audience’s  anticipation and to correct the mistakes from the previous film . The title Pushpa 2 : The Rule was announced on 22 August 2022 and a special inaugural pooja ceremony was also held in Hyderabad , where all the members of the cast and the crew was present .

Best Action Movie

The story of the film was first limited to just Indian red sandalwood business but the makers of the film decided to create an opportunity for the film to be shot internationally . The director of the film SUKUMAR , want’s to make the character of Pushpa as a well known global kingpin in the illegal red sandalwood smuggling business . The production team will going to shoot some major parts of the film in Japan to properly depict the story . The film’s intense action scenes are anticipated to have a distinctive and exciting background due to this scene .

Pushpa 2 : The Rule will also going to interduce a new international actor as the new antagonist to add some more suspense in the movie . The action in the movie is a major part which the plot of the film even more complex and wide ranging . The movie is also expected to have some very intense action scenes including Allu Arjun and Fahad Fasil . The principal photography of the film was began with a test shoot on 30 October 2022 , in Hyderabad .

Best Action Movie

Movie’s Budget – The film is made on a massive budget of 500 crores , which makes Pushpa 2 : The Rule , as one of the most expensive film’s to be ever made till now .

Theatrical Release – Pushpa 2 : The Rule , is all set to be released on 15 August 2024 , in cinemas on the occasion of Independence Day , in Hindi , Telugu , Tamil , Kannada and Malayalam languages .

Movie’s Cast – Allu Arjun as Pushpa , Fahad Fasil as SP Bhawar Singh , RASHMIKA MANDANNA as SRIVALLI , Jagadeesh Pratap Bandari as Keshav , JAGAPATHI BABU , Prakash Raj , Sunil as Srinu , ANASUYA BHARADWAJ as DAKSHAYANI , Rao Ramesh as MP BHUMIREDDY SIDDAPPA NAIDU , Dhananjay as JAALI REDDY , SHANMUKH as JAKKA REDDY , Ajay as MOLLETI MOHAN , SRITEJ as Pushpa’s second elder half brother , KALPALATHA as Pushpa’s mother .

Home Media – The digital media distribution rights of the film were licensed to Netflix .

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